Haryana Roadways Engineering Corporation (HREC),  Gurgaon

This corporation was incorporated in Nov 1987 and is registered under companies Act 1956. Initially at the time of its incorporation, the authorized Share Capital of this corporation was Rs. 2.00 crore and now it has been gradually increased upto 6.60 Crore.

The main objects of the HREC are:-

  1. To promote, establish, administer and manage Bus Body Building Workshop.
  2. To manufacture bus bodies according to design and specifications approved by the Company and to import and export buses.
  3. To procure chassis from the chassis manufactures and also to procure raw material used in the fabrication of bus bodies.
  4. To sell or give on lease completed bus bodies on such terms and conditions as may be approved by the Company.
  5. To undertake contract carriage operations.
  6. To run or provide operations or services or set up and manage facilities which are in the nature of enabling infrastructure for efficient functioning of Transport Sector.
  7. To act as technical consultants to any Indian firm or Company engaged in the fabrication of bus bodies of various applications and also to production units and official agencies for the promotion of such industry.
  8. To enter into business as Mechanical Engineers and manufacturers of implements, machinery tools etc. necessary in fabrication of bus bodies.
Function of the Corporation
The main function of this Corporation is fabrication of bus bodies mainly for Haryana Roadways and has fabricated following No. of bus bodies.
(Figures in numbers)
    Sr. No.




    Other Dept.

    total to 31.3.88143  143
    2.1988-89618  618
    3.1989-90701  701
    4.1990-91390  390
    5.1991-92275  275
    6.1992-93370  370
    7.1993-94256  256
    8.1994-95269  269
    9.1995-96496  496
    10.1996-97482  482
    11.1997-98518  518
    12.1998-99350  350
    13.1999-2000127  127
    14.2000-2001507  507
    15.2001-02721  721


This Corporation fabricates bus bodies at cost + profit basis i.e. to say profit is charged on the actual cost of bus bodies taking into account all expense. At present, HREC is charging profit margin 5% actual cost of bus bodies as per discussion of Board of Directors. Advanced fund received from Transport Department in past had been placed in FDRs and interest were earned on them.


The profit earned during last 3 years along with interest earned is given as under:-
(Figures in lacs)

    Net Profit before tax

    Income tax paid

    Net Profit

    Gross interest received from bank

    Gross interest received from bank


Organisational Structure

Being a limited company and by virtue of Article of Association of this Corporation, the Principal Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, Transport Department holds the post of Chairman of this Corporation and Director General of State Transport, Haryana holds the post of Managing Director. The workshop at Gurgaon is headed by General Manager who is on deputation from Haryana Transport Department. General Manager, HREC is assisted by Works Manager, Senior Accounts Officer, Store Purchase Officer, Superintendent and Accounts Officer in day to day activities. The total strength of the employees in this Corporation is 123. It includes 35 no. of employees of ministerial staff. Labour contractor has also been engaged by inviting tender to cope-up the increased production of bus bodies.

Telephone Numbers




    M.D. Office at Chandigarh0172-2710371,2727263,2708180 Fax: 0172-2710378.
    General Manager0124- 2215389, 2215660(PBX).  
    Senior Accounts Officer0124- 2215389, 2215660(PBX). 0124-2210012
    Works Manager0124- 2215389, 2215660(PBX). 0124-2212719
    Financial Consultant(HQ)0172-27081809888313550
    e-mail: Gurgaon : gm.hrec27@gmail.com, Chandigarh: fchrec@gmail.com

Regd. Office & Factory:

6th Milestone, Gurgaon Jaipur Highway,Behrampur Road, Khandsa, Gurgaon (Haryana)

M.D. office:

Director General State Transport, Haryana & Managing Director H.R.E.C, Gurgaon, Room No. 5, 2nd Floor, 30 Bays Building, Sector-17, Chandigarh.