Government of Haryana

The monthly remuneration received by each of officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in regulations

Right to Information Act, 2005 - Compliance under Section 4(1)(b)

(x) The monthly remuneration received by each of officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in regulations:

Management Staff

"Sr. No. " Post Pay Scale
1 Director General State Transport IAS scale
2 Additional Transport Commissioners HCS scale
3 Senior Mechanical Engineer Rs.15600-39100+7600
4 Joint State Transport Controller (Technical) Rs. 15600-39100+6000
5 Chief Accounts Officer Rs. 15600-39100+7600
6 District Attorney Rs.15600-39100+6400
7 Deputy Transport Controller Rs.9300+34800+5400
8 General Manager (Departmental) Rs.9300+34800+5400
9 Flying Squad Officers Rs.9300+34800+5400
10 Senior Accounts Officer Rs.15600-39100+6000
11 Deputy District Attorney Rs.9300+34800+5400
12 Statistical Officer Rs.9300+34800+4600
13 Establishment Officers Rs.9300+34800+4200
14 Superintendents Rs.9300+34800+4200
15 Traffic Managers Rs.9300+34800+4600
16 Works Managers Rs.9300+34800+4600
17 Store Purchase Officers Rs.9300+34800+4600
18 Assistant District Attorney Rs.9300+34800+4600+200
19 Section Officers Rs.9300-34800+4600+100
20 Service Engineers Rs.9300+34800+4600
21 Deputy Superintendents Rs.9300-34800+3600
22 Motor Vehicle Inspector Rs.9300+34800+3600
23 Statistical Assistants Rs.9300-34800+3300
24 Senior Account, Assistants, Junior Auditor, Stock Verifier Senior Scale Stenographer, Draftsmen, Chief Store Keeper, Minister Car Driver Rs.9300-34800+3200
25 Junior Stenographer Rs.5200-20200+2400
26 Clerk, Computer, Machineman, Cashier, Assistant Cashier, PMA, Ledge Keeper, Store Keeper, Ticket Verifier, Booking Clerk, Assistant Store Keeper, Restorer Rs.5200-20200+1900
27 Steno-Typist Rs.5200-20200+1900+100
28 Daftri Rs.4440-7440+1800
29 Store Boy, Jamadar, Peon, Chowkidar, Gunmen Rs.4440-7440+1300

Operational Staff

"Sr. No. " Post Pay Scale
1 Station Supervisor Rs.9300-34800+3600
2 Chief Inspector, Yard Master Rs.9300-34800+3300+100
3 Welfare Inspector, Inspectors Rs.9300-34800+3300
4 Sub-Inspector/Driver Rs.5200-20200+2400
5 Conductor, Adda Conductor, Inquiry Clerk Rs.5200-20200+1900

Workshop Staff

"Sr. No. " Post Pay Scale
1 Foreman Rs.9300-34800+3600
2 Service Station In-charge Rs.9300-34800+3300
3 Tyre Plant Operator, Head Tyreman, Head Mechanic, Head Electrician, Head Carpenter, Head Welder, Head Painter, Head Blacksmith Rs.9300-34800+3200
4 Mechanic, Carpenter, Electrician, Welder, Blacksmith, Radiator Repairer, Borer, Upholster, Painter, Battery Attendant, Tyreman, Turner, Tyre Tube Repairer Rs.5200-20200+2400
5 Assistant Fitter, Assistant Mechanic, Assistant Carpenter, Assistant Electrician, Assistant Welder, Assistant Blacksmith, Assistant Radiator Repairer, Assistant Borer, Assistant Upholster, Assistant Painter, Assistant Battery Attendant Rs.5200-20200+1800
6 Cleaner, Washing Boy, Helper, Mali Rs.4440-7440+1300