Notifications/Circulars/Orders pertaining to Traffic Branch

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    Notifications/Circulars/Orders pertaining to Traffic Branch
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    Night halt of buses beyond 25 KM from the Depot:instruction there of. 09/10/2015
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    Regarding – Installation of Route-board and pass-stage-board at bus stands. 30/10/2014
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    Circular – regarding smoking at bus stands and in buses. 10/10/2014
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    Circular – Ban on use of mobile phone while driving motor vehicles. 19/09/2014
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    Regarding – Taking buses from fly-over. 19/09/2014
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    Regarding – Misbehaviour of drivers/conductors. 10/09/2014
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    Regarding – Suspension/Reinstatement of Drivers/Conductors. 09/09/2014
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    Regarding – reservation of seats in Haryana Roadways buses. 04/09/2014
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    Proceedings/Steps taken in cases of Fraud/Irregularity/carelessness. 25/04/2014
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    Instructions regarding checking of buses. 25/04/2014
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    Circular- No night stay of buses within 25km distance from depot.. 25/04/2014
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    Circular – Regarding Weekly rest to Drivers and Conductors of Haryana Roadways. 24/04/2014
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    Circular – Regarding bus service on Inter-State routes. 23/04/2014
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    Regarding Monthly Tour Diary of Officers. 04/04/2014
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    Regarding – To provide safety and security to woman travelling by various modes of Transport in Urban areas. 25/03/2014
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