Government of Haryana

ABOUT Haryana Government

Government of Haryana is committed to make endeavors towards creating social value by providing efficient, reliable and eco-friendly modern transport services for the safe movement of people and goods with liberal use of modern day Information Technology and involvement of private sector, which is considered necessary in this era of liberalization and globalization...


  • To improve and strengthen public transportation services for rural & urban areas in the State.
  • To provide bus services at reasonable cost and to create adequate infrastructure.

Ministers Car Section

Ministers Car Section, Haryana :- It provides cars along with drivers to Chief Minister/Ministers/ Chief Parliamentary Secretaries/ Parliamentary Secretaries/ Equivalent Functionaries/ VVIPs. It is under the administrative control of Director State Transport, Haryana. However, allotment/ allocation of car is made by Chief Secretary to Government Haryana (Political Branch). At present, there are modern high tech cars including relief cars which are on duty with Ministers/ VVIPs. It also provides relief cars to Ministers/ VVIPs during repair of the cars alloted to them.

Government Central Workshop :- It undertakes the repair and maintenance of light vehicles of Raj Bhawan, Chief Minister/ VIPs, State Civil Secretariat and other Government departments on payment basis. Transport department is nodal department to decide the purchase policy of light...

Citizen Charter

Office of the Director General State Transport is responsible for providing well-coordinated, economical, safe and efficient transportation services to the public. Haryana Roadways is the principal service provider for passenger transport in the State. It has a fleet of about 4000 buses being operated by 24 depots and 13 sub-depots. These services are being provided to every part of the State as well as to important destinations in the neighboring States.


To provide adequate, economical, efficient, reliable, comfortable, safe and environment-friendly modern passenger transport services for the people.


  1. To create and improve infrastructure for modern Bus Terminals
  2. To introduce computerized transport management systems
  3. To provide bus connectivity between rural and urban areas
  4. Human Resources development