No. 22/76/2003-2T(I),- In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (i) of sub-section (I) of section 67 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Act 59 of 1988), and in supression of Haryana Government, Transport Department, notification No. 22/76/2003-2T(I), dated the 4th November, 2019 and , the Governor of Haryana hereby issues to the State Transport Authority, Haryana, the following directions regarding fixation of rates of fares and freights for stage carriage in the State of Haryana, namely:

    Fare for different services (w.e.f. 15.05.2020)


    Sr.No. Type of Service Gross fare (Paise per Passenger per K.M.) Freight for personal luggage
    1. All metalled roads in plains. i) 100.00 upto distance of 100 KMs.

    ii) 105.00 for distance above 100 KMs.

    Half of the fare per Kilometer per 40 Kilogram
    2. Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Buses  (HVAC) 150.00
    3. Intra-State Luxury Air-Conditioned Buses

    (Old Volvo/Mercedez buses on state long routes connecting

    Delhi-Chandigarh) Volvo/Mercedez

    4. Super Luxury Air Conditioned Buses.

    Volvo/Mercedez (Operating on Chandigarh-Delhi-Gurugram routes)



    1. Fare calculated (after including passenger tax) for different stages of routes is rounded off to the next higher rupee.
    2. The minimum chargeable fare (after including passenger tax) is five rupees.
    3. The fraction below half a kilometer is ignored.

    Fare for City buses (w.e.f. 21.06.2013)

    Distance Ordinary Buses A.C. bus
    up to 5 kms Rs. 5/- Rs. 10/-
    6 to 10 kms Rs. 10/- Rs. 20/-
    11 to 15 kms Rs. 15/- Rs. 30/-
    16 to 20 kms Rs. 20/- Rs. 40/-
    21 to 25 kms Rs. 25/- Rs. 50/-
    26 to 30 kms Rs. 30/- Rs. 60/-
    Above 30 kms 75 paise per additional Km 150 paise per additional Km
    1. The fare for additional kilomtere is calculated as whole in the next rupee.
    2. An additional amount of Rs. 2/- per passenger is charged on account of Toll Tax, whereever applicable.
    3. The fare is inclusive of Passenger tax.

    Toll Charges

    Toll Road User Charges are recoverd from the passengers travelling in buses of Haryana Roadways as under:-

    Distance travelled by a passenger on road on which User Charges are levied. Toll Charges
    1-15 kms Rs. 3.00
    16-25 kms Rs. 5.00
    26-30 kms Rs. 7.00
    31-50 kms Rs. 8.00
    51-70 kms Rs. 10.00
    71-90 kms Rs. 12.00
    91-110 kms Rs. 13.00
    111-130 kms Rs. 15.00
    131-150 kms Rs. 17.00
    151-170 kms Rs. 18.00
    171 & above kms Rs. 20.00